Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Girls and Boys

The weather has been glorious the last few days.  
Warm but not too hot.
Cool nights, perfect sleeping weather.
I'll take it.

This afternoon the boys are in a fishing tournament!
Ryan participated every Tuesday last year and this year he is taking Collin along with him!!  You can imagine how thrilled Collin is.  
Hard to know who will enjoy it more, Collin or his daddy.
I know this is a dream come true for Ryan.
  He's been planning fishing trips since the day he found out he would have a son.
His dream now a reality.  There they are together, doing what boys do.  Making memories that will last forever.
Ones that Collin will probably try to recreate with his own child someday.  

Once the boats leave the dock they have 4 hours to fish.  
Each boat can keep their five largest fish.
After about 2 hours in Ryan sent me this picture of their keepers...

Look how proud he is.
My heart is happy for my boys today.
Maybe they'll even bring home some cash money.
Wouldn't that just be the icing on the cake?!

As for me and my Mads. 
Well we did what girls do.
We went to Target.
And then we came home and took silly pictures of ourselves.
Great day, wouldn't ya say?

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  1. I'm so happy that Ryan has a son to fish with him!! I remember the days that Ryan and Mocha (the dog ) would go or the days he just went alone, now he has Collin that seems to enjoy fishing just as much as his Dad ! What a legacy to hand down not just the fishing part but the part that there is no one else on earth Ryan would rather go fishing with other than his own son..now that makes my heart filled with so much joy...
    And double the pleasure Meg has her own sweet diva Madelyn to do what girls like to do best Shop till you drop...how sweet is that???
    Preciouse memories being made for all..xoxo