Saturday, July 28, 2012

Because she's ready

Yesterday Ryan and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.
We also received the sad news that Gran Fran has pancreatic cancer.
There isn't much time left. 
We are praying for God to be merciful and to take her.
The tears come often. 
Sometimes at unexpected moments.

Gran Fran and I were roommates growing up.
She would come spend the winters with us and her and I shared a room.
I will never forget the way her face glistened when she loaded it with her "night cream" that she kept in her yellow "grip".
We would tuck in for the night and watch episodes of the Golden Girls.  I still watch old reruns now and again and every single time I fondly think of Gran Fran.

She could be a stinker, our Gran Fran.
But I sure do love her.

As people age you expect and prepare that the day will come.
But somehow when they're "yours" it just never seems like enough time.

Tonight as I sat with Collin for bed time prayers he began by praying for the things he always does.

He paused for a brief moment and then he said...

"God, please take gramma to heaven, because she's ready.
Thank you for dying on the cross.
Please take her to heaven, because she's ready..."

She's ready...