Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Dentist

Today was my first official day back to work!
Daddy took both kids to the dentist for a cleaning.

This was Madelyn's first trip, Collin's second.
Although Collin had been before this was his first official trip with x-rays and such.

Madelyn was completely fearless, even volunteering to go first.
She listened very intently as the hygienist explained how she would clean her teeth.

She paved the way for Collin who was more timid at first.  
He then decided to brave the chair...

The dentist said that Madelyn's teeth are spaced evenly apart and that they look great.

Collin's already has his 6 year molars!
She said that they look great as well.
He does have two "sugar spots" (one either side of his mouth) that have to be filled.  He doesn't know this yet. 
I was so bummed.
The dentist shared that his teeth don't have any space between them and that they are touching which makes it near impossible to clean which of course causes problems!
She said we will have to be diligent to floss daily and if that doesn't work then she will place sealants over his teeth to help protect, although the sealants only protect the top of the tooth so that confuses me?
Hopefully when the baby teeth fall out the adult teeth will come in with more room in between!
Dr. said his front teeth should be wiggling any day now!
The adult teeth could be seen sprouting underneath on the x-rays!

Seems as though his baby teeth were just sprouting up and now they will soon be falling out!
Slow down son, you're growing too fast!

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  1. The sealants will be put to protect the top portion of the teeth because those are the parts of the teeth that come in contact with food the most often. If the top of the teeth can be protected, then there’s very little chance of the sugar spots spreading. The flossing will ensure that no food particle stays anywhere near the sugar spots so that they don’t get worse or infected. Glad to see your kids did really well at the dental clinic!