Thursday, September 13, 2012

A corner and a setback

Well friends, I think we may have turned a corner just in time for a setback.

Yes it's true.
Collin is enjoying school a little more each day.
The only tears he sheds are at the initial goodbye in the morning.
He is fine once walking into his classroom and enjoys his friends all day long.
Serious relief.
Praise you Jesus.

But, like I said, there's been a setback.
The boy has strep throat.
Strep! Throat!

What in this world?!
We've been in school a week!

Ugh, serious disappointment!

He was out of school today and will be out again tomorrow (per doctor's orders).
Praying like a warrior that come Monday he is ready to meet back up with his kindergarten friends!

Miracles happen, so momma's gonna keep on praying and believin!

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