Tuesday, September 4, 2012

He's a school boy

It's official.  We have a kindergartner in our house!
 Collin and his friend Keaton, all ready for school
My handsome boy

Sitting at his kindergarten seat

Whew, day one is done.
It started out wonderfully.
Collin woke up excited and ready to rock!
We got to school and he didn't seem a bit nervous.
Walked right in to his class ready for kindergarten!

I walked away with tears.  
Can't help it, I'm his mom!!  ;)

Fast forward to first recess.
Kindergarten, first and second grade go out together at the same time.  I decided to go as the teacher on duty along with the recess aides.  I found Collin and he seemed to be happy and was enjoying school!  I introduced him to a few of my students and all was well. Then it started raining.  
Which soon was a downpour.
Some kids were lining up, some were running for cover.
It was a bit chaotic.
Collin was unsure of where to go and how to find his class.
I walked in ahead of him thinking he was all set and when he finally reach the school doors I could tell he was afraid.  
I asked him what was wrong and he just started to cry.
Poor buddy was separated from his class.
All I keep picturing is his wet body and his sad face.

Break. my. heart.

Apparently he did fantastic in the room but would cry anytime then left to go to lunch/recess/gym.
Makes me feel so sad that he was so nervous and unsure.

I asked him after school how it went and he said "I wasn't crying, I was just yawning and my eyes were watery".  Bless his heart.

Ryan brought Madelyn up at the end of the day and she sat in room while I situated my kids into bus lines.  As I was calling names Madelyn kept calling "mommy, mommy".  I finally paused to see what she needed and she asked "can I go on that bus?"  She would have just taken off no doubt about it.  Well maybe until she realized I wouldn't be going.  :)

Later in the night Collin confessed that he is "so nervous when I can't find my teacher".  He's nervous anytime she isn't around for fear he will "get lost".  It is a big school with lots of commotion.  I forget how scary it can be for a little guy.

We talked about it and I put him to bed thinking all was well.
Not long before he was down here crying that he didn't want to go to school anymore.  
I'm a teacher.
I tell parents every year "it's normal, they'll be fine"
and yet now that it's Collin it just breaks my heart.
I laid in bed with him and worked on reassuring him until 9:30!!
We talked about how even when his teacher isn't there God always is.  We prayed and asked God to take care of him.  I quietly begged God to cover Collin with blanket of peace.

I'm hoping tomorrow is better.
That each new day will be a little easier.
He'll be a little more comfortable.
He'll make friends.
School will be a safe place.

This is hard on a momma's heart!
Letting go isn't all it's cracked up to be!!
I wish we could rewind 5 years and live it all over again.
But we can't.
We won't.
We are here.
And God has big things planned for our Collin.
His momma's gonna pray him through it.
Will you join me?!

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  1. Yes, of course we will join you! Praying he will be calm, feel safe and unafraid, love learning, make friends and be a good friend and example to others. Growing up is tough on everyone :)