Monday, December 31, 2012

The Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at Grammy and Papa's house.
We celebrated with Uncle Michael, Aunt Andi, sweet Claire and of course GG too!!
Lots of food and even more presents!
Spending time with the ones we love the most!!

Gifts from our Jannie are always the best.
I still get choked up each time she sends gifts.
Just blessed my heart that she loves them so.
Always so very present in our lives even from miles away.
 Yep, when they hear "it's from Jannie" they know it's going to be good!
 A tutu for the princess!
 Storm trooper hat for the prince...
 and a darth vader sweater, she has this boy's number!
 Exchanging gifts with GG...

 Sweet Claire Bear spending some play time with Uncle Ryan.

 Collin was so sweet playing peek a boo with his little cuz.

We went to the candle light service at church and then headed home to tuck in for a quiet night as we prepared for the big day...

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