Monday, April 22, 2013

The not so happy birthday ends happy

Finally, finally they call her name.
Could there be an end to this crazy night?
Thankfully we were put in our own room, with a door, that could shut!
That's always a plus in the midst of pure nasty.
Sweet girl was still just miserable and wanted to sleep (at this point it was after 11) but every time she would finally fall into slumber someone would come in, push on her belly, ask a million questions and on and on.
Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate ALL of those people, and those interuptions because I know ultimately they were helping her, but when you and your baby are exhausted from days of sickness interrupted slumber is a bit bitter sweet.
Grammy and
Papa stayed awhile longer with us, which of course helped to soothe the mood.
Doesn't really matter how old you are, there is just something soothing about having your mom and dad.
Mom offered to stay the night with us but I wanted her to go home and get some good rest.  Sitting upright in an uncomfy chair could be left for mom and dad! 
We would have stood all night if need be, we just wanted Madelyn to feel better.
Papa prayed over Madelyn before they left which was much appreciated.
They opened the door to leave and waved goodbye.
When the door reopened soon after I imagined they must have forgotten something.
Imagine my surprise when my dear friend Gena walked in.
My friend that lives HOURS away.
I gasped.
Gasped and threw my hands over my mouth and just sobbed.
There were no words spoken.
Just momma sobs.
She knelt down next to me and just hugged me as my body shook.
Moments passed and I finally gathered myself enough to ask how in the world she had made it here?!
She had actually been visiting her sister in our neck of the woods and after they got all of their kiddos in bed they both came together.
It was now probably almost midnight.
And as if time didn't matter, they came anyway.
I hope she felt appreciated that dark night.
I'm also quite sure she can't possibly know what medicine she was to my sad soul.
God was also holding me through constant texts from my brother and my sweet friend Tracy.
I know they were in constant prayer.
It was most certainly the tie that was keeping this momma together.
We were covered in it.
I'll admit that there were several moments when Madelyn seemed to be in such pain and relief felt anywhere but near.  I would cry out to God in despiration "where are you?!".
He was there.
He was sending those who love us.
He was allowing them to take some of the burden.
He was giving them tears to cry for our Madelyn.
He was not only hearing their prayers for us, but was also answering them.
Oh yes, He was there.
We finally admitted for the night and taken to our own private room, praise you Jesus for another private room!  It was now 4:30 AM.  Madelyn had finally fallen into a somewhat peaceful sleep and Ryan and I caught a few moments of shut eye ourselves.
Wasn't long before morning came.
Madelyn wasn't showing any signs of improvement.
We weren't up long before my brother caming strolling through the door with a bag full of breakfast.
Of course I cried.
Just seeing your people, being able to put your arms around their neck, something about it brings comfort. 

The morning started out bad, as in really bad.
The handful of friends that knew what was going on were still texting me for updates.
When I shared with my friend Selina that things weren't looking up just yet she text back
"the girls and I just knelt on the kitchen floor and prayed".
Knelt on the kitchen floor.
She didn't say they sat on the couch to pray but rather knelt on the kitchen floor.
Which means they just stopped immediately and lifted us to the One who is all knowing.
I just kept picturing them in my head, it makes me cry even now.

Prayers were heard and as the day progressed she  started to turn a corner and while she wasn't fully recovered she did make enouch progress to be sent home!  BEST news!

We came home to a clean house thanks to Jeanette, who spent the day there making sure it was cleaned up so I wouldn't have to worry about it.  Blessing!
Of course Papa Don and Collin were also there ready to greet us with happy smiles!
A sweet picture from one of the neighbor girls was sitting on the mantle...
"Dear God, please help Madelyn get better" 
The prayers of the little ones were so touching to me.

It took 7 days, but Madelyn fully recovered.
By God's grace the rest stayed well.
Collin seemed to have a touch of it but nothing at all like Madelyn had.

God's grace is always greater than any trial we may face.
He stays near to the brokenhearted.
Gives strength to the weak.
Loves us well using our people.
He is the great physician.
We give Him all glory.


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  1. Our God was with us the entire time !! So many prayers lifting up Madelyn and God heard us and healed her...We have so much to be thankful for...Our Heavenly Father is always with us and will alway's take care of us...All we have to do is Believe and Trust !!! Thank you Lord Jesus....