Friday, April 5, 2013

The not so happy birthday

Birthday week is one I look forward to.
It's crazy.  In a fun kind of way.

We celebrate three of our most favorite lives within 3 days!
Madelyn is first on March 20th, Uncle Michael is next on March 22nd and sweet Collin bug takes his turn the very next day on March 23rd.

Like I said, it's crazy.  But in the most fun kind of way.

March 20th came, and we celebrated our sweet beauty on the first day of spring!!  Precious child, how we all love her so.
We took her to dinner and sang her sweet birthday songs all day long.  We made her birthday wishes come true as she excitedly unwrapped gift after lavish gift.  
The day was as sweet as she is.

March 22nd.
Uncle Michael's birthday.
Our sweet birthday girl woke up with the pukes.
Oh mercy, say it isn't so.
But it was.
She had the dreaded stomach bug.
Unfortunately Collin was also home from school that day with a full body rash from an allergic reaction he had to the antibiotic he was on for a previous sinus infection.
Poor papa Don, he was on babysitting duty with a "rasher" and a "puker".
Madelyn was sick all day long but we thought we had it under control.  We were able to stop the vomiting with zofran and were thinking she was on the mend.

March 23rd.
Collin's birthday!
My first born was turning 6, impossible.
I was desperately praying for God to protect him from the pukes.
We were set to celebrate both birthdays with a bowling party.
Invites were out, RSVPs were all in, kids were ready to party.
Of course Madelyn was going to have to miss because she just wasn't 100%.  So sad that she would miss her party, but we promised a redo.

Papa Don offered to come stay with her and since she hadn't thrown up since the night before we took him up on the offer.  She had been complaining about her belly all day but we figured it was just part of the process and that the end must be in sight.  The bowling alley is just 2 miles from our house so we could be home in minutes should she take a turn for the worse.

But honestly, is there anything sadder?

We were so sad for her but we knew she was in loving hands so we put our smiles on and headed out to celebrate our boy.

With all the crazy at home, I left without my camera.  
All the proof I have of our party are my crummy iphone pics.

Some of our friends.
I guess our other friends were too busy throwing strikes :)

They couldn't get close enough to the birthday boy as he opened his birthday treasures...
Happy birthday sweet love...
He was "conducting" their singing.  :)
 May all your wishes come true!

Crummy pics, well maybe.
But we sure celebrated our boy!
Oh how we love him.

Unfortunately Madelyn was at home getting worse rather than better...

To be continued...

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