Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Around here...

This boy finished kindergarten!
I can hardly stand it.  
Time is going much to quickly.

He had a fantastic year.
His teacher did an outstanding job with him and I so appreciate all the work that she put in to every detail of this school year.

Our boy has grown so much since last summer!
I am so proud of his every accomplishment.
He ended the school year "proficient" in every area!

What astonishes me most is his natural ability to read.
I'm telling you, the boy can READ!
He's reading chapter books!
Chapter books!
We are so very proud of him and his love for learning!!

Here he is on his last day of kindergarten.
Be still my heart, the boy is so handsome...

Look out first grade, here he comes!!
But, in the meantime,
We sure are enjoying the lazy days of summer!

Collin most certainly is enjoying his swim class.
He goes twice a week and is making great progress as a more confident swimmer.

Madelyn's class starts in two weeks.
I'm sure there will be plenty of stories to tell.  :)

She was out front today playing with the neighbors and Ryan yelled "Hey Megan, come here quick!"

I come out front and this child is RIDING A TWO WHEELER!
Didn't tell a soul that she was practicing and in mere minutes had taught herself to ride.
At four years old.
She wasn't about to be the only one riding with training wheels this summer!  

So proud to be the momma of these two precious lives.
One of my most frequent and heart felt prayer requests is that I mother them well.

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