Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yesterday Collin and I went to get haircuts at my friend April's house.  April and I have been friends since 7th grade!  She is a doll and her little girls are cute as can be.

So serious...
A sucker helped to jump start the smiles...

He cleans up well, don't ya think?!
Oh SO handsome!
Collin and Ellie
Don't they look related?
Collin, Ellie and Natalie

Here is mommy's new do, which is basically just a shorter summer version of what I already had!

Madelyn stayed home with daddy and finished her nap.
Soon enough she will be the one sitting in the chair,
but for now we need to keep it long enough for her bows!  
We ended the day with dinner and a movie at Grammy and Papa's house while daddy worked outside and mommy went to Zumba.  What a productive day!


  1. So glad we got to take part in your productive day and that the pix came in handy! :) Cute pix all around!

  2. HOT hair momma! you totally made Madelyns dress didn't you! too cute!!! i NEED to learn how to do that ruffled neck...

  3. I did make that dress Selina and it is SOOO easy!! I will show you...check out the one in today's post, same style, so cute! Seriously so quick to make! Let's sew soon!