Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's go to the beach!

Today daddy had the day off and he decided we should go to the beach!  I thought maybe we should do naps first but daddy talked me into skipping naps (and that is HUGE for me) and off we went to Island Lake!
Collin fell asleep shortly after leaving the house,
Mads held strong and stayed awake the entire drive!
Daddy and Collin in the lake.
They look like they are so far away but they really weren't!
I stayed in the sand with Madsy girl 
and watched her play while I applied layer upon layer of sunscreen on her baby skin!
Filling the bucket...
Finding stones...
She had sand in every one of her little creases, 
and she has lots of creases!

After a very short break,
Collin kept begging daddy to go back in the water...
Of course he got his way!
What better snack to eat at the beach than goldfish?!
This little bathing beauty ran...
and ran...
and ran...
and ran...
which means her momma, 
ran and ran and ran and ran!

And this handsome dude was off with daddy most of the time 
which made it hard for mommy to take pictures of him!
But let me assure you that he did his fair share of running too!
Daddy and his girl...

On our way home...
Sweet baby couldn't keep her little eyes open a minute longer!

What a great day!!  All night Collin kept telling us "I had so much fun at the beach!"  Anywhere with these two is fun...well, almost anywhere!  :)


  1. Great shots, Mads cover up reminds me of the early days with you @ the beach all covered up. Good for you that you relented on nap time :)

  2. Seriously can you believe I did that, so unlike me to go against our "normal routine"...but it worked out just fine and we had so much fun together!!

  3. Looks like a wonderful day!!
    Sometimes deviating from the normal a bit can surprise us in a good way!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. those pics you got of daddy and each kid is just about the sweetest thing ever! where are you getting Madelyns swimsuits? everytime i see pics of her in a swimsuit i totally die over it!

  5. The best of both, everyone had fun and the kids managed to squeeze a nap in anyway :)