Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Jannie Jannie

One of my favorites is here for a visit all the way from New Hampshire, Aunt Jan!!  Collin calls her Jannie, and someday Madelyn will too!  Jannie lives far away and we usually only get to see her once a year but she makes sure we don't forget her.  Jannie always sends us the sweetest gifts and is the best at finding something that suits the kids personality perfectly!  She has a heart the size of Texas!  We haven't seen Jannie since last summer so I wondered if Collin would remember her.  While driving to get our hair cut the other day  we talked about Jannie and how she was coming for a visit.  I asked Collin "Do you remember Jannie?" "Yes" was his reply which was followed by a few seconds of silence.... "I do remember Jannie, mommy, and I love her!"  Awww, we all love our Jannie!  

Girl talk...
Boy talk...
Mads was admiring Jannie
Thank you daddy for teaching me how to make this face 
because now I do it every time mommy takes her camera out!
But she still manages to catch a few smiles!
Love those blues!
An attempt at a siblings picture...

We are SO glad you came to visit Jannie!!
Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!


  1. you made her that dress too didn't you!!!! you are a sew-a-holic... cute pics!