Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary...

Happy One Year Anniversary...a day late!
My brother and his sweet wife Andi celebrate a year of marriage bliss!  
We just ADORE both of them and are blessed to call them ours!  

I read the following at their rehearsal dinner a year ago...

What will life be like living with our Michael....

There will always be lots of energy in your house.  I'm sure you've noticed that Michael doesn't sit still for all that long.  More than likely you will not go on too many movie dates as the thought of sitting still in a theatre is not so appealing to him.  His legs will bounce while sitting in church and he will shake your entire bed with his restless legs at night.  If you have ever lived with or slept in the same house as Michael I am sure you have witnessed what I am talking about.  
But I do know from experience that Michael will put that same energy into loving and caring for you Andi.

Michael will probably not be able to fix anything in your house like a dishwasher, a toilet or a leaky faucet.  
But I do know from experience that he is the best at fixing hearts and will surely fix yours should it ever be broken.

Michael has lots of clothes and most of them are usually piled in a heap on the floor.  He is also rather particular about what he wears...
But I do know from experience that the one thing he always wears is his heart on his sleeve.  You, and everyone else, will always know how proud he is of you and just how much he loves you.  

Michael is terrible with directions.  May I warn you to always use your GPS or surely you will get lost.  Be ever so cautious of verbal directions as well...things like "Michael don't leave my corn hole bags out at night or the squirrels will eat them" those kind of directions sometimes go in one ear and just as quickly out the other!  His reasoning is usually "I forgot".
But I do know from experience that the one direction Michael will always follow is that of his heart which will go wherever you go because he has given his heart to you.

Michael is rarely in a bad mood.  I do caution you, however, that should there be a maze and blue victory over the sacred green and white....YIKES look out!  I wouldn't call him a sore loser but definitely a spirited spartan and a devoted fan.
But I do know from experience that Michael will always be cheering loudest for you and he will surely be your biggest fan!  And the spirit you will be most proud of is not his spartan spirit but the sweet and gentle spirit that is in his heart.  The true spirit that makes Michael the incredible person that he is...

There will be lots that you will learn about Michael as you begin your new lives together.  Each day will be an adventure I am sure.  
But I can tell you from experience that you will never find a more loving heart, a more generous spirit or a better companion than that of my brother, my friend, Michael.

Andi I speak for my whole family when I say that we are just as excited to get to know all there is to know about you as you join our family.  
But I do know from experience that to know you is to love you and we couldn't be happier to welcome you as a McGuire!

We LOVE you both...
to the moon and back!

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  1. Meg, you are paying me back, tears at this end now. What a nice memory from a year ago and collectively of your years growing up together. Mike & Andi, you are blessed to have each other and we are blessed to call you ours!