Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mommy Tears...

It has been a LONG week!  Madsy girl seems to be on the mend but is still rather crabby over the littlest things.  Can't wait until her carefree, happy go lucky self, is back in full force!

Daddy has been in Vegas for the last two days.  Daddy has the camera and that is why we don't have any pictures today.  He went with his friends for a wedding.  It was a "boys only" trip, mommies stayed home with the little people!  :)

Grammy came over yesterday and played with us for a bit so mommy could get a few things done, including take a shower.  :)  We miss daddy...single parenting is tough!
Good thing he will be back home tomorrow!

Today Nana called and asked if Collin wanted to come spend the day with her, of course he did!  Not long after they got to her house Nana called to tell me she thought Collin was coming down with what Madelyn had...sure enough, here we go round 2!  He is back home with a 102 fever, laying on the couch...
Once again, we miss daddy!!

I cry when my kids are sick, real tears.
It happens every time...

If you know me well...oh who am I kidding...
If you know me at all,
you know that I cry about everything,
but when my kids are sick, or hurt,
I cry mommy tears...
mommy tears are the saddest tears there are,
wouldn't you agree?


  1. Yes I would agree..but that is because we love our children so very much and hate it when they are sick, all we can do is pray to our Father and watch over them.
    You are a wonderful mother I knew that immediately when Collin was born. Remember the day I came over when he was only a couple of weeks old and you had been crying and told me he had not urinated all day long?? I was a little apprehensive but called the doctor for you and yes you were right , he had not , and if it had not been for your motherly instincts who knows? Collin and Madelyn are so very blessed that God made you their mother and Ryan is very blessed to have you as a wife..I am so proud to call you my daughter in law.. I love you..

  2. Yes, mommy tears are sad but they will be just one more way your children will know how fiercely they are loved by you. God is working in and through you at all times. I know He is pleased with what He sees in you as a mommy, tears and all. Love you!

  3. Love you both, thanks for the reassurance! ;)