Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday GG!

Today was GG's 80th birthday!!  We went over to mom's to celebrate!   Uncle Ed came from Indiana to surprise GG and the kids were excited to see him too.

We decided to get GG a bird house...
Collin picked it out...
It reminds me of the farm, where GG used to live...
I have SO many WONDERFUL memories of the farm...
You picked the perfect birdhouse Collin!

This child was a jumping bean!  
She was makin her papa nervous 
and makin her mama laugh!

Madsy lovin on her Uncle Dude...
Collin and Uncle Ed are buds!

Happy Birthday GG!!
Make it a GREAT year!!
We sure do LOVE you!

Grammy took some super cute pictures in the park...
Will post tomorrow!

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  1. i love madsys feet in that jumping pic! she looks like a little ballerina!