Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Special Day...

Today was Collin's "special day".  I have decided that each month our kids will have their own "special day".  I will take one and daddy will take the other (or sometimes mommy and daddy will both go) and we will have a date night, just some special alone time with one of the kids.  We LOVE doing things together as a family but it's always nice for the kids to have alone one-on-one time with each parent as well.
So we started with Collin and today we both took him for his "special day".  It was a quick last minute plan and we forgot the camera :( but we had so much fun spending some special time with our sweet Collin.  We took him to Stevi B's for pizza and games.  I loved watching him play all the kiddie games.  His little face would just light right up when he would "win" and the tickets would come spilling out.  I adore this little boy, he makes everyday special...

Sweet Madsy girl had a special day of her own with Grammy and Papa!  She spent the evening with them and by the looks of the pictures Grammy snapped, she had a great time!

This girl loves corn!

Keeping her hand on her corn and her eyes on her papa!


Seriously, I could eat her!
SO very animated!
Of all the things papa has read today, 
I would venture to say that "Peekaboo" was his favorite...

LOVE those funny faces!

Pure joy!

Sweet little ones, you make all of our days special days!


  1. They sure do make every day special! We were just now laughing at these pictures on FB :) Gee whiz, what would we do without our cameras?!

  2. Looks like a great day!
    We like taking the girls out for one on one time too! They love it and so do we!
    Enjoy the night

    We have very similar corn eating pictures.
    Too cute

  3. i love how excited her face is when she reads that book.... too cute!