Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Heights

I walked into the living room today and found this...
Um how did you get up there Madelyn?

Let me show you mom...

Oh sweet Madsy girl, 
you make sure there aren't many dull moments around here!  ;)

(This last shot is for you Jannie, how cute are her chunky legs in that denim skirt?)


  1. Oh My That's my girl!! SO full of life nothing is gonna hold her back !

  2. She even has my chubby

  3. She is crazy like her Nana but you don't have chubby thighs! lol So glad you got an account! ;)

  4. that is naughty!!!! i LOVE it... i found a super old video clip of the first time cora climbed up on evas bed, she was so proud of her naughty business! they grow up so fast!

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  6. These are hilarious, the ones of her backside front and center in particular! Ha ha, wait til Dad sees these :)

  7. Climbing on the sofa will never be the same!! :)
    Enjoy the day!