Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My dad once told me that 
"one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their child is a sibling"...

Siblings share hugs...
they share secrets...
they share moments...

Yes, I would have to agree dad,
a sibling is a treasured gift!
I know I treasure mine...



  1. Oh how sweet!
    And I agree with your dad...siblings are the greatest gift!!
    Enjoy the night!

    The red butterfly Aubrey was wearing was from Gymboree....about 7 years ago!! Riley wore it to her first birthday party and I couldn't ever part with it! Since they are both June babies it got worn again!( Janey was a January baby...wrong season at 1!!)

  2. so sweet! you are such a photographer! i can't believe how gorgeous these pics are! so talented!

  3. Just looked at my post again, and realized Aubrey had on two butterfly outfits!:)
    They are both from Gymboree...the green and pink one is from this year!:)

  4. Thanks Cindy!

    Selina I totally have to give credit to momma for these photos as she is the one who snapped them, gorgeous right?!

  5. It helps to have such lovely subjects!