Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Funday!

Today was another busy, fun day for my man Collin!  We went to church this morning and he went to "his class" which he is really enjoying!  I love all of the stories he tells after and the pictures he colors.  :)  I just love going to pick him up and sneaking a peak at him playing with all his church friends!  I SO appreciate all those that serve in the classrooms, what a blessing they are to parents with young children!
After church Grammy and Papa took Collin home with them for the afternoon.  I think it's nice that he gets to go places alone sometimes.  :)  Grammy took some pictures of their afternoon adventures...
Some lunch...
followed by some dessert...
a "C" for Collin :)
Telling Grammy all about "Touch a Truck"

Movie time!
Snuggled up on the couch!
Did someone say TARGET?

"Surprising" Papa with the Slinky dog (from Toy Story) that Grammy bought him at Target.  He also informed me that he got a "blue slurpee" of his favorite things about going to Target!

Slinky dog went to bed with him tonight.  :)
A little coloring, he said "Grammy needs new crayons"  HA!

This smile says it all!
Thanks for having me...
and for making my Sunday a "funday"...
I love you!!

After Grammy and Papa dropped him off at home we went to Nana's for dinner.  Mommy forgot her camera so we don't have any pictures!  :(  
We had a yummy meal and white chocolate pudding with strawberries for dessert!  A great way to end a great day!!


  1. Tell Collin crayons are on my shopping list already and so is a blue slurpee if he goes with me :)

  2. Ha! I thought that was funny that he said that. He told me all the things you did and when he got to coloring he said "but Grammy needs new crayons". LOL

  3. I didn't tell you they made a mistake and gave us a glazed donut instead of chocolate. Of course, we went back and made it right :)