Saturday, June 5, 2010

Touch a Truck

My brother Michael (AKA Uncle Dude) invited us out to his neck of the woods today to a special event called "Touch a Truck".  They had some city trucks and "operators", as Collin calls them, there for the kids to get into.  Collin had a great time.  He was VERY serious about the whole thing.  He is rarely smiling in any of the pictures, not because he wasn't having a good time, but rather I know his little wheels were a turnin' in his head and he was making a mental note of everything that was going on.  He talked about "Touch a Truck" all day long...

Started with the snow plow...
He sees the blow horn...
and he goes for it! 
 He knows it will be loud so he braces himself.  Him and another child were in a horn war.  Collin would pull his horn and the other child would pull his...the two went back and forth and it was hilarious, and VERY loud!  I was surprised they allowed them to make so much noise but the horns went off the whole time we were there!

Something caught their eye...
Aunt Andi was able to come just for a few minutes before having to leave for a wedding shower, but we were glad we got to see her!

This was Collin's favorite truck...he called it the "vacuum truck".
I am not even sure what kind of truck it is?

Taking is all in...

Uncle Dude trying to talk Collin into sitting in the tire...
it worked!
I love how happy Michael looks as he is watching Collin. We all enjoyed it just as much as Collin because we all know how much HE loves trucks and "operators".

Uncle Dude got into the street sweeper with Collin.  
They were chatting in there for quite awhile.

When I wasn't taking pictures I was hanging with this little one!

Crazy Mads!

Apparently she loved "Touch a Truck" just as much as everyone else!

We had a great day!  Thanks for inviting us Michael and Andi!  I know how much Collin enjoyed it because he talked about it a lot today.  Right before bed I showed him all the pictures and his little face lit right up!  After brushing his teeth he said "I really had fun at Touch a Truck mommy"...
We did too sweet boy!


  1. i bet that was the highlight of his little life so far... what a day he must have had! i TOTALLY get the serious face... he's gotta concentrate on all the "serious business" i mean, these are REAL trucks, he probably felt like he was on a "job" or something! TOO CUTE!!!!!

  2. Great pix of a great day! I can only imagine how thrilled he must have been inside ~ a dream come true for a little boy :)