Friday, July 16, 2010


Last night we went to Grammy and Papa's to visit with some very dear people, the McGees!  Uncle Rod and Aunt Carol have been friends with my parents for over 35 years!  
McGees used to live just down the street from us but have retired and moved to Florida.  
Good for them, sad for us!  :(
  I absolutely love these people.  I have always enjoyed all of my parents friends, they are friends with good people, but the McGees will always hold a very special place in my heart.  We vacationed with them, went to their house in the mornings before school after mom and dad left for work, I student taught with Carol (who was teaching first grade at the time) and the list goes on.  I just love them, always have, always will!  Growing up we used to call them Aunt Carol and Uncle Rod.  I remember a few years back when mom said, you are in your 20's now, I think it's ok if you call them Rod and Carol....
Can't do it, to me they will always be 
Uncle Rod and Aunt Carol!  
I mean you don't grow too old to call 
your real aunts and uncles 
"aunt" and "uncle" right?  
And let's be honest, to me they are my 
real aunt and my real uncle, 
they are family.

Always so good to see you!

Tonight, Grammy and Papa took the kids out to eat and mommy went to eat with one of my oldest girlfriends!  April and I have been friends since 7th grade.  She is a doll and we always have such a good time together.  Always have, always will!
I hope that one day when we are old retired we will still be getting together and laughing about the good ole days!  :)  I joke with her and tell her that we will surely be roommates in the nursing home!  

Girls night out makes a momma...

Here are some pictures of Grammy and Papa's date night with the kids,
Grammy is SO good about taking pictures for me to blog with,
very much appreciated Grammy!

HA, crazy kids!

Both kids sitting on the bench and smiling....



If you made it to the bottom of this long post...
well, bless your heart!


  1. What cuties !!! The expressions on their faces are too cute !!

  2. Yes, I say bless their heart too for making it to the bottom of grammarazzi overload... :)