Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our little performer

Madelyn loves to sing and dance.  
And when I say loves I mean

Her all time favorite song is 
"Ready or Not"
from the kids show Hi-5.

We downloaded it on itunes and Madelyn asks for it constantly.  She will randomly think of it and run to the computer, cover her eyes and shout "gen, gen" (again).  We hear the song approximately 100 times a day.  I catch myself singing it everywhere I go...

"Hide your eyes and count to 10,
ready or not, I 'm gonna find you again..."

Yesterday I found Madelyn sitting in front of the stove "performing" for herself.  She was really getting a kick out seeing her reflection sing and dance along with her.  She sat there for quite some time, every once in awhile reaching out to touch her reflection, leaving her sweet little fingerprints all over as a reminder that she had been there...

Once she noticed I was watching 
she did a little performance all for me...

Love this girl!


  1. Aw, this means she is growing up and making new discoveries, even of her own talents :) What a sweetie!

  2. So cute !!! It's fun watching them make new discoveries :)