Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Learning to swim

Today daddy set up the pool that Nana bought for the kids.  
At the beginning of the summer Ryan had talked about getting a pool that would be big enough for Collin to learn to swim in.  My initial momma bear thoughts were,
"um no we do not need a pool that is any bigger than ankle deep"

I listened to Ryan's reasoning for wanting something bigger.  If you know Ryan, you know that he loves the water.  He loves to be by the water and in the water.  He loves to boat, he loves to fish, he just plain loves the water.  
I am the person who enjoys the water and being on the boat but am also planning my escape should the boat capsize all the the while wondering
"what if this boat sinks and I am stuck out here in this endless sea..."
I know, total drama!

One thing is for sure,
I have always loved being in the water with Ryan.  I just get so much enjoyment out of watching him in his element.  He makes me feel safe.
After all, did I mention that Ryan loves the water.  :)  

Ryan has talked endlessly about the importance of teaching our children how to be around the water.  He is right, I did some research and found that the American Academy for Pediatrics recommends that all children learn to swim between the ages of 1-4.   

  Ryan has lots of plans for him and Collin and most of them involve water.  

today daddy and Collin set up the pool.  It is big enough for Collin to learn the basics.  It isn't as deep as I had initially thought, it comes up to Collin's waist.  Daddy talked over and over again about our pool rules and I am sure we will continue to review them daily until the pool comes down.
  Collin did really well in there today!  Collin is the child who has always hated getting his face wet in the tub and freaks out if water gets in his eyes.  Today was different.  He was working with his daddy and he was blowing bubbles, practicing holding his breath, holding his water noodle like a champ all the while moving his arms and legs doggie style!  His face would get drenched and he would say "I'm alright, I'm alright".
I am proud of him...
and I know his daddy is too!

Ryan was the sweetest swimming teacher ever!
He was enjoying the experience just as much as Collin was.
Such special moments that both of them will cherish.
I have a feeling this little boy is going to love the water,
just as much his daddy does!

Now Madsy on the other hand...
have mercy...
she needs a baby pool
or I will surely age years over the next few weeks!

And just so you know, we are taking many precautions to make sure these little lovies won't be able to be around that pool unsupervised!  


  1. Thanks for the last sentence!

  2. HA! I knew you and dad would be freaking out.

  3. How fun! We just got done talking about getting Drew swimming lessons or if Jim should just teach him...he LOVES the water already so I'm sure he'll catch on quick! :) We'll have to get together and go swimming now...does that pool take up your entire backyard?! ;) And just so you know, I have the EXACT same drama as you when it comes to being on the water...lol ;)