Monday, July 5, 2010


Today I...
swept the floor approximately once an hour

wiped lots of tears

redirected "sassy" behavior

wiped butts

sat in the sweltering heat so my kids could play outside

cleaned up lots of messes

folded the same basket of clothes more than once

called poison control
(everyone is fine, more on that in a minute)

Today I did not...
have time to fix my hair

put on my make-up

do any of the errands I had planned

Today I...
heard lots of sweet giggles

was smothered in slobbery kisses

heard the sweetest "I love you mommy"

was showered with little people hugs

was given hand picked flowers from the little man in my life

laughed a lot

enjoyed my children

loved, loved being a mommy

thanked God for blessing me with this beautiful life!

There is nothing in this world that gives me greater joy 
than mothering these two sweet miracles!

As for poison control...
Sweet Madelyn decided to take a drink of the liquid shower gel while taking her bath tonight.  Both kids were in the tub and I saw that she had grabbed the shower gel but was sure the top was on.  She was pretending to wash her baby and I saw her dunk it under water.   Next thing I knew she tipped it back and took a gulp.  Oh mercy!
I got her right out of the tub and of course she was crying and gagging as I am sure it tasted horrible!  I still don't know if she actually got any soap or just drank the soapy water that was in the bottle from all the dunking she was doing...either way, yuck!  I gave her a drink and a cookie and she was fine.  I figured all was well but decided to call poison control just in case, I mean you never know.  The lady who answered my call was so very sweet.  She assured me that Madelyn would be fine and that soap is not poisonous  She was so sweet assuring me that I did the right thing by calling, always better to be safe when your children ingest something they aren't supposed to.  She told me to give her a drink and a cracker...already had done that...
good ole motherly instincts, or maybe just common sense!
She asked a few more questions and told me she was surprised Madelyn had not thrown up which led us to believe that Mads probably just drank soapy water and not much, 
if any, actual soap.
This child keeps me on my toes! 
Anyway...all is well that ends well!

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  1. Whew! I am tired from just reading all of that! Madsy girl, you are aging all of us quickly! :)