Friday, August 6, 2010

Community Celebration

Tonight Nana and I took the kids to the community celebration at our church.  Daddy had to work so we took lots of pictures so he could see what we did!  The kids had a great time and one of my favorite things about community celebration is that everything is FREE!  :)

We started in the sandbox where the kids were digging for "buried treasures".
The minute Madelyn stepped foot in the sand there were literal gasps as momma's all around flashed their eyes in my direction wondering if I would be horrified at the thought of her getting dirty.  One momma even said "oh she just looks so clean".
Don't let her big pink bow and her polo dress fool you,
this girl is not afraid to get dirt under her nails...
On to the bouncy house...
For whatever reason, Collin has always been terrified of these.  Today he finally spread his wings and found that he actually LOVES the bouncy house...
And wouldn't ya know it,
the bouncy house machine literally ran out of gas and deflated while he was in it.
Go figure!
Of course we got him out quickly and he was never in any danger but all you could hear was his little voice shouting
"what's happening?!"
Poor thing, he didn't seem to tramatized...
Madelyn was supposed to stand on the outside of the pool and grab one duck in order to get a prize.  She decided to sit in the pool and throw all the ducks out!
The girl makes her own rules...

Blue snow cones...
Red snow cones...
Blue lips...
Blue tongue...
Red lips...
Time to go take a bath!

What a fun night!
Thanks for going with us Nana!


  1. Looks like fun! Enjoyed the pix :)

  2. OH SO cute! Nana and the kids pictures are awesome!
    Looks like they had a blast! Your family is so gorgeous! Congratulation...Love the happy pictures.

  3. oh my goodness! cutest kids at the carnival for sure!!!


  4. Looks like you all had fun :)
    Snow cones are the best !! Love the pictures !!