Thursday, August 5, 2010


Same story,
different day,
again involving the toilet...

I was helping Collin in the living room when I hear 
"wuhder, wuhder"
(water, water)
Call it mother's intuition, call whatever you want,
I knew it meant one thing...
Madelyn was playing in the toilet.
Gross, very...
true, yes!

Ugh, who left the door open?
And there she was just swishing her 
"nigh, night" around in the toilet bowl.  

I plop her in the sink and suds her from head to toe 
and wash her like she has the plague.  
I dispose of the nigh night in the garbage.
Yes I am aware that it could be washed 
but it's been partially submerged in toilet water,
EW, just throw it away.

Not even 10 minutes later, I kid you not...
Collin flushes "Velma" down the toilet.
You know Velma, as in Scooby Doo Velma...
She isn't little either,
here is her friend Shaggy

 Velma is gone and will be missed.   Shaggy is holding the Capital One card that was used to pay the $85 fee for the plumber who had to come crush Velma through the drain. 
It took him all of 5 minutes, and cost me $85,
I may have missed my calling...

I wish I could tell you that the capital one card came from Shaggy's wallet,
but sadly, it came from daddys...
And just like Velma,
there went $85 
flushed down the toilet!

In other news,
Before the toilet incident, Collin and daddy went to the park to shoot a rocket today.  

Who had more fun, Collin or Daddy?
That's debatable!  :)


  1. Another day, another experience :) just think how far that $85 would have gone at Target, Kohl's, or T.J.'s, well maybe better not to think about it :)

  2. I've had my own toilet adventures this week, too! I'm visiting from NFF! I love your haircut! Super cute!

  3. Stopping by from the trendy treehouse friday follow. Say that five times fast. And hang in there, I have so been there. Out of all seven of my kids, my last one is the worst. I had one day she found fingernail polish twice and flooded our half bath. When daddy got home, I went to my room and cried for half an hour. Then I felt much better.