Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Nana!

Happy sweet SIX"TEE"

Even better than your sweet sixteen right?

Happy birthday Nana,
we think you're number one!
And whenever we are with you,
 we sure have lots of fun!

You're funny and you're silly
you love to laugh and play.
We thank our Jesus for you 
each and every day!

We wish you lots of love this year
we hope your birthday wish comes true.
We sure do love you Nana, 
thanks for all you do!


  1. Happy Birthday Nana (I think I said that right!) :)

  2. Happy Birthday :) What a great post !!!
    Meg, I awarded you the Sunshine Award! I love reading your blog and looking at the wonderful pictures you take of you kids and family :) Stop over at my blog and pick it up !!!
    Have a blessed day