Thursday, August 26, 2010

My first award...

I was given my first blogging award today from one of my favorite blogging friends... Tammy at Matter of Fact!!
What a fun way to start the morning!
Thank you Tammy!  :)
Seven random things about me:

1.  My greatest pleasure is being a mommy.

2. I am a true claustrophobic and will avoid elevators at all cost,
I mean seriously when I get in them my heart races.

3. I am a reality TV junkie!  

4. I am a complete germaphobe...
ask anyone who knows me, it is ridiculous!
A germaphobe/claustrophobic...
now that's a title to be proud of :/

5. I absolutely hate blow drying my hair.

6. I work part time as a first grade reading teacher.

7. My all time favorite color is ~ pink
favorite color to wear ~ black
favorite color to decorate with ~ red

I am passing the award on to...

It's always fun to be the one spreading sunshine!

My sunshine...


  1. Congratulation on the AWARD !!! You so deserve it !! Your blog is wonderful :) !!!

  2. You are so sweet Tammy! If you hadn't been the one who gave it to me you know I would have sent one your way! ;)

  3. tooooo cute:) i love the color of that photo! blog awards are fun...I'm a reality tv junkie too...can't help it:) enjoy the weekend!

  4. I am hosting a party over at Sassy Sites today too! I would love to have you join us and show off your fun blog! Come by and say hi and grab a button! oh... AND come and sign up for our giveaway too! $50 Gift Card in Vinyl Lettering!! xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  5. Awh Meg...thanks so much for the great award. It's so nice to get something like that...especially when you feel like no one even reads your blog:) You definitely spread some sunshine my way today...and by the way, I love your sweet blog and we have so much in common it's sick:) Thanks again for the sweet award! Have a blessed day!