Saturday, September 18, 2010

The motherload

You remember this post right?
Well aparently, when my kids are 31 my greatest pleasure will be 
caring for my own children AND my children's children...

Collin modeling one of his new shirts...
He gives it two thumbs up!

That's right,
Grammy and Papa blessed us yet again.
She called to tell me that she had a 30% off coupon for Kohls and she wanted to buy the kids some new comfy clothes for fall.
Yes her heart is made of pure gold but apparently they don't accept "heart of gold" as payment at Kohls so we used papa's money instead...
Thanks Grammy AND Papa!
We love you and we truly appreciate ALL you do for us!


  1. I am LOL at the 3rd to last sentence :). I wonder after all these yrs if papa will ever get used to my shopping extravaganzas!

  2. My grandson is only 4 months old and I adore buying him little outfits when I'm out. I'm sure you'll do the same when your a grandma (which will be a long while) ! Such loving parents you have Meg !
    Hope your enjoying your weekend !

  3. Hi, I am your newest follower! Doing a little blog hopping tonight :)

    You have a beautiful family!!