Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pumpkin smumpkin...

I realize we are still in the month of September...
I understand that Halloween is over a month away...
I recognize that a carved pumpkin will only last days before rotting...
Yep I get all that...
But we carved a pumpkin anyway!
Collin drew the pumpkin's face,
don't you love?!
I am sure we will be carving several pumpkins before October 31st!

Both of my kids are sick this week with colds.  
I hate when the kids are sick. 
They are both in good spirits but I haven't had a full nights rest all week.
Here's to hoping we all sleep tonight!


  1. Cute pumpkins...and what a great look on his sweet face! Love it! Hope your kiddo's start feeling better...and that you get some sleep!!!

  2. Love the pumpkin ! We've had the sniffles here too ! Yuck, wishing you all there a better weekend !

  3. Cute pumpkin! Would you believe I have NEVER carved a pumpkin? My kids are begging. I deferred that one to their daddy!!!

  4. oh my goodness! that pumpkin face is hilarious! i am so lame... i never let my kids carve real pumpkins, next time you carve call me and we'll do it together!