Saturday, September 25, 2010

3 1/2

Sweet Collin,
This week marked the half way point to turning 4!  4 years old, hardly possible!  Although I look at you and know it's true.  You are growing bigger by the day, smarter by the hour and I fall more in love with you by the minute!
Here you are a year ago...
And look at you now...
My sweet boy!

You are such a good big brother to Madelyn and you are always trying to teach her new things.  She tries to do everything you do...
She really does look up to you!  
Pretty soon daddy and I will be in trouble as I can already tell that you two will be plotting against us!  

You love all things boy!  Trucks, cars, tractors, planes and trains, they are all your faves.  You have recently been talking about "work" and pretending to go there often.  You love to put on work gloves and snow boots (even in the heat) and head out to the yard to get your jobs done.  You have been really helpful around the house lately, you love to "clean" almost as much as you love to make a mess!

You can spell and write your name!  

You know all your letters and their sounds.  You can count and recognize numbers to 20 (and sometimes even more)!  You love to work in your workbooks.  We have them all over the house.  I love to hear you sing the letter sounds song, Madelyn always tries to sing along.  You sing most of it but you will always stop periodically to let her fill in the blanks...that's just how we taught you!  

You make me laugh everyday!  
Your smile makes me happy.  
Your hugs make me smile! 
Your "I love you" s make me melt!
You make me SO proud!!
If I could choose to be anything in this world,
I would choose to be your mommy!
Out of all the little boys in the world,
you are the exact one I wanted!!
to the moon and back!
Happy half birthday sweet boy!


  1. Sweetest little man around!!!

  2. How cute is he ! Time sure does fly when their little. Have a fabulous weekend :)