Sunday, September 26, 2010

To keep or not to keep...

that is the question!!
Today was one of those lazy days.  Being that the kids were sick all week we decided to skip church because they are still recovering.  We just had a lazy day.  Every few months I get the urge for a toy overhaul and today was one of those days!
We started in the basement and then made our way into the bedrooms.  When I get in these kind of moods no toy is safe and I just start throwing stuff away.  We do set aside the really neat things to give to our friends but some of the little things just need to see the bottom of a trash can.  I filled two garbage bags.  Ahhh, I love that feeling!
There is always this one thing that I can't part with.  I actually decided months ago that this is most certainly a "keeper" but I came across it today while cleaning and it made me think of Madelyn's birthday...

Here it is...
Funny right?
I know!
Apparently there are some elderly ladies at a nearby church who make these for the newborn babies at our local hospitals.
This is what my sweet Collin gave to his sister the moment he met her!
We had bought gifts for Collin from Madelyn and had planned to have her "give" them to him when he came to meet her.  I do not know why I did not think to do the same for Madelyn?  Why in the world wouldn't I buy a gift for Collin to bring to her?  
Well thankfully the nurses had it covered.
They saw my sweet boy marching proudly down the hallway in his Big Bro shirt and they gave him this bear to take to his sister.
And he did just that!

 Collin opening his gifts...
 Look at this sweet face...
Seriously people, I have tears...
splashy tears!

So now you understand why I can't part with that bear.  Madelyn has never played with it, and she probably never will but each time I see it I take this trip down memory lane. 
 I think back to this day March 20, 2009.  
I think of the moment my two loves met. 
I think about how very blessed I am to have these children.
I think about how rich my life is because they are in it.
I think about how my love cup overflows...

To keep, or not to keep...
it's no longer in question!


  1. It might not mean anything to her now, but when she is old enough to realize the significance I think she will treasure it! Such a sweet story!

  2. Aw, I never saw the first couple pix. Sweet memories!

  3. That is so sweet!! My eyes are watering now!!!! I get in those moods too, where I go in the playroom and just do a clean sweep!! There are some toys that CANNOT be parted with!!