Saturday, October 9, 2010

Collin's first sleepover!

While mommy and daddy were staying the night at the hospital with Madelyn, Collin had his very first sleepover at Grammy and Papa's house!  Collin has never slept away from us!  He had a GREAT time and keeps talking about how much fun the sleepover was.  We didn't actually tell him he was staying the night because we had no idea we weren't coming home. Grammy said Collin didn't fall asleep until a bit after midnight!  He wasn't upset at all, just laying on the couch watching TV.  After he fell asleep he slept well all night!  Grammy stayed with him.
This is when he woke up and first realized
Bless his little heart, 
she said he was tickled pink when he realized he had spent the night!

Grammy made breakfast and then off to play they went.  
 He spots a fire truck leaving the fire house!
 Love him!
 Serious driver...
 Adore him...
 A quick chat with mommy...
 Checkin out his shadow...

 Who thinks they went in?

Happy as can be!
My little love had the best time!  
My heart just knew that he was enjoying himself.  
I missed him, but I didn't worry.  
I am sure he felt like a prince! 
When given the choice of napping at home or staying to nap at Grammy's he chose Grammys!  So he stayed and took a nice two hour nap. 
Grammy and Papa brought him home on Friday at dinner time.  
He ran through the door all smiles and hugged me tight.  When he pulled away he had the sweetest grin and his eyes were glossed over with tears.  I think it was at that moment that he realized that he missed me.  ;)
So glad that he was able to have such a fun night.
I'm sure he will be asking for another sleepover soon!  

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