Sunday, October 24, 2010

A day with daddy

Ryan and Collin spent most of Saturday at Uncle Todd's house.  They had a fun time together.  Papa Don was there too.  The first thing Collin talked about was how they "fired up the leaves"...

Collin and Daisy
Good ole Mocha

I stayed home with this little stinker...

Grammy and Papa came by after dinner so we decided to take Collin out by himself to the Halloween store to pick out a costume.  He had SO much fun in there!  He has still been talking about it today.  Mommy bought a costume this year.  We are having a costume party at our house on Halloween, can't wait!  Collin also finally decided on something as well.  It is not something I would have ever thought he would choose but it is what he wanted.  He is going to be so stinkin cute!  
I will leave you in suspense until next Sunday...

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  1. I love the picture of Collin on the step with the dog :) So cute !!! An of course your daughter is always looking adorable !!
    Hope you all had a great weekend !