Friday, October 22, 2010

Kid's rooms

I am participating in Kelly's Korner Show us your Life Kid's Rooms.
I LOVED decorating the kid's rooms!!  Let's face it, they are hard to keep clean because little people like to make messes, but when we need to we can make them look picture perfect...kind of!  ;)
Shall we start with Miss...

And Mr...

My all time FAVORITE thing about my kid's rooms...
the sweet loves who sleep in them!


  1. I love their rooms !! Meg, Madelyns room is super cute ! I love the pink and Brown :)
    Enjoy your weekend !

  2. Aww these are adorable rooms. Very cute.

  3. I like Collins room! His room is very special.

  4. finally you post madsies fabulous room!!!!! you know i die for it!


  5. Both rooms are absolutely adorable :-) You've got a great eye for decorating!