Monday, October 4, 2010

Eight years...

That's how long it's been since we said good-bye to Grandpa
It's true that life does carry on, it does because it has to, 
but the tears still come when I think of him,
and how much I miss him.  
The saddest tears fall when I think about how fiercely he would have loved my children.  
There was no one more proud of us than grandpa.  
He kept record of all the good we did but was quick to forget our wrong.
Oh how I wish he could see my greatest accomplishment...
How I wish he knew them...

No question, he would have been one of their biggest fans!
We love you Grandpa B,
you taught us to be proud of who we are,
 to "walk with your shoulders back", 
(his literal words and I still think of that when I slouch at the computer screen)
that family is what is most important,
to take joy in one another's accomplishments,
and even in the end you were teaching us...
you taught was that
"we all have to die, we just have to be ready"
You prepared your heart for heaven but it seemed impossible for us to let you go,
but even after you left you were teaching...
you showed us that we don't take anything with us when we leave this earth
but we do leave our legacy behind.
Not a legacy of material things, but of life lessons,
matters of the heart,
A legacy like that lives forever...
My children will know you!
Don't think that we will ever forget you.  
We all still speak of you often.
There are still tears but there is also lots of laughter and big smiles when we think of you!
Don't think that we will ever stop missing you!
Don't think that we will ever stop loving you!
You would be SO proud of Grandma, who we now call GG.
She is doing so well and is making the best of this life.  
She has taught us so much about how to carry on
even when it's hard, 
even when there are tears,
she has shown us that life has to carry on. 
She always says "that's what grandpa would have done"!  
We know that's what you would have wanted.
So we are workin' on making you proud!!  :)
Your family is growing bigger and bigger each year,
and there is nothing on this earth that would make you happier!
Save a place for me at your table in heaven Grandpa!
Save a place for ALL of us!!


  1. How beautiful Megan, I never had the good fortune to meet your Grandpa , but I know from you and your family he was a wonderful , kind, loving,big hearted man and I also know how very proud he is of all of you especially his precious GG... xo.........

  2. That is such a sweet post. I know my husband feels the same way about his grandpa that passed away. If only I could have met him and he would have had a chance to get to know his grandbabies, but we know he is watching over us! My kids call their Great Grandma GG too!

  3. I just learned a friend lost her father in law today, your post made me cry even more. We lost Daves Dad 4 years ago this month too. That is a beautiful tribute. I loved your post below too. I told my kids how wonderful they are all day. You are an inspiration Meg. Thank You.