Monday, October 11, 2010

On the mend

I am happy to report that this little love is most certainly on the mend!  Her rash is almost completely gone and she is back into all her normal naughty business...
Although she is feeling much better she wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with pictures today.  Every time I tried to take her picture she would get mad and cry. 
 And being the annoying mommarazzi that I am, I kept trying...
I am quite sure that Papa will be mad at me after seeing these photos, but he will get over it, just like she eventually did... :)

Continuing to thank Jesus that our Madelyn is well!


  1. thank goodness shes alright! we were totally praying over here!


  2. She looks SO much better. So glad she is on the mend! That one shot of Collin is sweet, you should crop it, he looks so adorable. Sweet kids, even when crying ;)

  3. Glad she is better ! She looks so darn cute !
    I use picnik to make the collages. They are a ton of fun ! Give it a try, you can get so creative with the different layouts.