Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Oh my word where have I been?  I am surprised Grammy and Papa haven't sent in back up to make sure I was alright being my last post was days ago!

This morning both kiddos got haircuts.  Madelyn just had a little "shaping" done and Collin got a big boy cut.  Both of them were amazingly awesome!  Madelyn sat sweet as could be on my lap and Collin sat still as a statue all on his own in the swivel chair.  I took them to a new salon and I really liked the girl who cut Collin's hair, she was a doll and did a really nice job.  Her name is Cameron...Miss Cameron.  :)
Can you believe I didn't even take a picture of them with their new dos?  Such a slacker!

In more hair news...
I bathed both kids after dinner and then we played downstairs.  I took a quick phone call and when I was finished realized that Collin had soaked (and I mean SOAKED) his head with my hair products.  Oh muh gawsh!  So annoyed.  But whatever...get BACK in the tub and this time you are taking a shower.  Took forever to wash that gunk out.  

Back to the basement to play.  
I came up to do a few things in the kitchen and for whatever reason thought to yell down
"Collin if you put that in your sister's hair, it is bedtime!"

"Ok mommy.....come on Madelyn we need to brush your hair out!!"

Que the sound of feet pounding down the stairs...

It was annoying the first time, and even more annoying the second!  :)

And even after an exhausting night like tonight, I can honestly say that these two sweet faces are most definitely what I am most thankful for!


  1. little naughties! come on mads lets brush your hair!!! HYSTERICAL!


  2. Can't wait to see them and their new dos :)