Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy "Bir"day

Our sweet Madelyn has always loved music.  She is most certainly what you would call a "mover and a shaker"!  She can break it down with the best of them.  Most recently she has taken a liking to singing as well.  You should hear her sweet little voice...
Each night I get her all snuggled in her "nigh night" and then I stand by her crib and I cradle her like a baby while I sing to her.  She sucks her thumb and hums along with me and she just stares into my eyes.  Such sweet moments with my beauty.  I made up my own version of the goodnight lullaby, because I can't remember all the words to the original.  Madelyn has never seemed to mind!  ;)  She has become accustomed to this song being part of her bedtime routine and usually beats me to the "LU-A-BYYYYYYYYYYY" always makes me giggle.  So I start my sweet song and she immediately interrupts by breaking out into "HAPPY BIRday to you..."  And she keeps on, all the while getting louder and LOUDER until I join her in singing Happy Birthday.  So now each night ends with Happy Birthday dear Madelyn...
And sometimes it sure does feel as though she is aging a year each day.  Growing up so fast, her little...or shall I say BIG... personality shining brighter as each day passes.
If only I could slow the hands of father time...
Slow down sweet girl, you're growing much too fast!

XO my love!


  1. I agree she is growing SO fast... These pictures make me so much happier than the tear-stained, permanent marker ones :)

  2. that is so sweet!! My "baby" turned 5 today!