Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Fly on the Wall part 2

If you were a fly on the wall in my house you would have heard the following within the last few days....

Madelyn!  Crayons are for coloring, not for eating.

Collin, why in the world would you crack a raw egg on your sister's high chair tray while she is eating dinner?

Madelyn we sit in chairs not on top of the table.

Collin if you dump one more bottle of my shampoo down the drain you are in serious trouble son!

Madelyn OUT of the dishwasher!

What would make you think cutting your sister's hair was a good idea?!
(and for all who are wondering, it was only a few strands and nothing that I would have ever noticed had Collin not tattled on himself)

You gave Madelyn an open can of pop...perfect!

Little boys are not allowed to pour juice by themselves!

Seriously WHO bought these permanent markers anyway?!

Who unraveled this roll of toilet paper AND the roll of paper towels?

Yes, my house if very busy...
lots of hustle and bustle....
little feet (and hands) are always moving...

But the best thing that you would hear if you were a fly on my wall is 
the pidder padder of chubby feet
the melodic sound of our children's laughter
and of course
a million I love yous!


  1. so funny! i feel like i may have said quite a few of those at my house as well!!!


  2. that's so sweet and a typical day in a house with toddlers!!!