Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It was a happy "bir"day

...well that's what Madelyn would call it anyway!  ;)
We had a nice time celebrating Ryan's birthday with the fam yesterday.  Uncle Michael and Aunt Andi came earlier in the day and spent some time with us before everyone else came by.  Daddy got some nice presents and we all had some good laughs!

Daddy is 34?!

Madelyn spent most of the night bringing us to hysterics with her 
"ready, sec, GO"

Seriously who needs presents when you have this...

Collin and Madelyn got a special treat from Jannie!
We love it Jannie, thank you!


  1. Such cute little faces :)
    We love bir days at our house too !!!

  2. Such cuties, they are the party!