Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photog in the making...

So my Collin bug may be our newest addition to the family paparazzi.  

He got ahold of my camera on Ryan's birthday and actually got some cute shots.  He wasn't so sure about how to look through the view finder, so instead he used the light from the flash as a guide and took his pictures that way.  
Point, flash the light on the subject and click!
Pretty smart for a little guy!
Here is some of his work...

He's a total natural right?
Now I have to say there were some total gut busters...
I am talking HILarious!  
For fear of death I will not post them!
Party guests you can all thank me later...


  1. I was so impressed with his ingenuity, and he really did get some good ones. Thank you very much for leaving the gut busters out, it could have started something :)

  2. I thought the cutest part was his smile after taking the pix and saying "got it!" :)