Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

 Last night after visiting Santa we came home and put up our Christmas tree.  This was the first year that we had Collin help and he was SO into it.  He most certainly had the Christmas spirit dancing around in his heart!  He hung most of the ornaments all by himself.  I had to rearrange some of them because every once in awhile I'd find 4 or 5 on one branch but honestly for the most part he did really well!  I have lots of ornaments that I don't use or have never hung and that boy made sure each and every single ornament was put to good use this year!  I just loved how excited he was.  At one point he said "I just LOVE this mommy, don't you think Santa will love it too?"!

 Madelyn helped too but her idea of helping usually involved things coming off the tree ...


 Oh the wonder of a Christmas tree...


  1. Oh, that last picture tells a story! He puts his heart into everything he does! :)

  2. Such a pretty tree :) Looks like both kids had a great time decorating !!!

  3. Ha ha, I was thinking how cute Madelyn's pj's are then I realized they are the ones I picked up! My brain cells are fizzling out!!!