Monday, December 6, 2010


Tonight we took the kids to see Santa at FantasyLand!  I remember going there as a child and we have taken Collin every Christmas since he was born...another one of our family traditions!
  Both kids had so much fun running all around and peeking into all the little elves workshops!
 Collin insisted he bring Santa a sucker.  As we walked away he pondered "Do you think Santa will enjoy his sucker mommy?"
 Mads was all about Santa until we put her on his lap!
He tried to make up with her...
 And it worked...
 Sweet Collin told Santa he would like 3 things
~a remote control tractor
~an air compresse"nor"
~and stinky (the garbage truck)
He then went on to ask for things for his sister without even being prompted which just warmed his momma's heart!
He asked that Santa would bring her 
~a baby
~a bed for baby
~some food for her baby
He was sad that he forgot to tell Santa about the magic set and the dinosaurs that he wants as well.  We promised to go back!  ;)
He also wondered why Santa hadn't asked him if he was a good boy this year?!  Nothing gets by this one!!  We imagine it's because Santa already knows that Collin is a good boy!  ;)

 Wait what's this??
 She's going for it people!
Aw!  She decided to give a little love to the big guy after all!
 And Collin and Santa, well they're old friends!
What a fun night!  We came home and set up our tree!  
Pictures tomorrow!!


  1. GREAT Pix!!! The one of Mads crying is a classic! How sweet she went back :) and I am still upset we didn't get Stinky!