Thursday, January 13, 2011

A very happy birthday

On Tuesday I turned 32!  It was a sweet day and I was showered with much love by all my loverlies!  We began celebrating on Monday night with some of our family.  The kids opened my presents and we all had yummy dessert.  Always so nice to hang out with my favorite people!

1-11-11, that's my day this year, what a fun date!  Started off perfect when I was greeted by sweet Madelyn with her batting eyes and her excited "HAPPY BIR~DAY MOMMY!".  She is delicious!  Collin gave me this present that he had wrapped all by himself...
Sweet boy gave me one of his monster trucks...that's love people!
I went in to work for the afternoon and my girlfriends had made me a birthday lunch and dessert, so sweet!  My first graders sang happy birthday to me, also sweet.  I was showered with well wishes, e-mails and facebook messages all day long!  I felt very loved!

 Uncle Michael and Aunt Andi came over after work to watch the kids so that Ryan and I could go out to dinner.  A nice way to end a great day!

My most treasured gifts...



  1. Cute pix, I should have snap fished the ones I took. Glad you had a very happy birthday and are enjoying Kohl's too :)

  2. Happy Birthday Meg :) These photos are fabulous of the kids !

  3. he gave you one of his trucks!!! what a sugar!