Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monster Jam

Yesterday Daddy took Collin to Monster Jam at Ford Field!  Collin was one very excited little boy!!  He asked all morning, approximately every 5 minutes, "is it time for Monster Jam?".
Here he is preparing to leave, all set with his headphones and a monster truck...
He came ripping through the door wearing this hat...

 Poor kid did not have his eyes open in one picture!
This hat was his "most favorite thing" about Monster Jam!  Ryan said he asked for one the entire time they were there and daddy kept saying "before we leave".  They were walking out and daddy didn't see any more so he told Collin they were all gone.  Wasn't long before Collin yelled "THERE'S ONE!" I am sure he had eagle eyes on to find it.  Sure enough, only one still hanging there and they snagged it!  Collin was ELATED!  Fifteen bucks for a foam hat filled with cotton candy may sound expensive but I think it was the best $15 we have spent in awhile!  This little boys heart was just bubbling over this silly hat!
He went to bed two hours past his bedtime (10:30)
and woke up an hour early (7:00) immediately asking to look through his Monster Jam book!
He couldn't wait to show Mads,
she looks thrilled right?!

 He couldn't wait to share with her, so sweet of him!
Everyone played Monster trucks today...

What a fun day for daddy and our bug Collin! 
Makes my heart happy that they were able to spend the day together do "boy" things!  Mads and I went to Grammy and Papa's and had fun hanging with them.  Sweetest moment was when Mads held her hand out to Papa and said "friends?"...
 she waited for him to take her hand and when he did she proclaimed it "FRIENDS!"...
Be still my heart!

Being that Collin missed out on three hours of sleep last night we just decided to stay tucked inside the house today and take it easy.  Everyone is napping now and the house is quiet!


  1. Love the hat, it is SO stylish ;)

    Don't you just love those zip up sleeper sacks?!

  2. Monster Trucks are fun :) Love the cool hat Collin !

  3. freaking adorable! i love that boy!