Friday, April 1, 2011

Birthday catch up part 3

Happy Birthday Collin bug!!


We started off early in the day with presents from daddy, mommy and Madelyn...

A dino paleontologist kit!

He got right to work digging up dino bones!

We got cleaned up and Aunt Andi and Uncle Michael came by!

And soon after Grammy, Papa, GG, gran Fran and Nana came too!

We bought Collin several gifts for his special day but there was one thing he was really hoping for.  It hadn't even been on his list until a few days before his birthday when he popped the wheel on his teeny little bike.  It was then we decided he needed a big boy bike.  We went shopping that night and were going to buy one but it just so happened that Grammy had text me that day needing a birthday suggestion.  Perfect timing!  He chose a spider man bike, and we kept saying "well maybe you will get it for your birthday".
 At the end of our gift opening earlier in the afternoon I said "ok buddy you have one last gift to open".  He smiled and wondered out loud, "Is it big?".  I knew what he was waiting for, I feared he may be disappointed.  He smiled and sweetly said "well I didn't get my spider man bike."  And then he just happily began playing.  My heart was soo proud of his reaction, as it was very obvious that he really wanted that bike.  I wanted to shout "don't worry sweet boy, your heart's desire will be here soon enough!"  But I let him wait for the surprise.  
  Look at this sweet face when later that evening Grammy and Papa surprised him with his birthday treasure...

And who would have thought the next gift would have been such a bell ringer?!  Papa had jokingly told Collin he was getting him underwear for his birthday.  Not only did Collin believe him, but he was actually very excited about it!  
Earlier in the day he said "Papa is getting me underwear, I can't wait to see what kind he picks out!"  I shot mom a quick text and they made a detour into Target...

He was so excited!

 Ah, the simple things in life!

More birthday gear...

Praying a lifetime of beautiful birthday celebrations with you sweet one!

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