Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love for Liela

I just completed my online registration for the Relay for Life.  I am a very proud member of the "Love for Liela" team.

I have grown close to Liela's family this year and let me tell you, they are lovely people.  You know the kind of people that I am talking about right?  

The "strangers" who instantly make you feel like family.

The kind of people who hug you so tight just to make sure that you truly feel loved by them.

The kind of people who make you feel extra, super special just for being you.

The kind of people who leave huge footprints on your heart...

Yep, that's Liela's family, they are those kind of people.

Spend a few moments here and you will have the opportunity to take peek into Liela's life story.  She radiates beauty from the inside out, I know you will agree.  Her warm and inviting smile will make you wish you knew her.  She may even inspire you to put on your walking shoes in order to help with the fight against the ugly disease that took her beautiful life...cancer

If you feel lead to donate to our team in honor of Liela visit our Love for Liela page here to make a donation.  You can donate under my name or any other name that is there on our list!   

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