Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa

Last year I posted here in honor of my dad on his birthday. This year I thought it would be fun to have the kids post about their Papa.  They each answered a few questions about papa and then I had them write him a letter...well they told me what they wanted to say and I typed out their thoughts.  :)  Collin was very strict about having me wait until he completed his entire sentence before I could begin typing.  And Madelyn, well, you'll see!

From Collin's perspective...
Today is Papa's birthday, how old is he?

What is Papa the BEST at?
Playing games and watching movies

What is your favorite thing about Papa?
When he plays with me

How much do you love Papa?
I love Papa across the moon, that's alot

If you could buy a present for Papa what would it be?
A 'mote' control car

What is something that Papa always tells you?
That he loves me!

Why are you thankful for Papa?
Because I love him

What is Papa's favorite food?
Chicken and Corn

What is Papa's favorite TV show?

Dear Papa,
"Happy birthday Papa Gary!  I like when you say thank you when I give you your presents.  You can watch a movie with me when it's your birthday.  Happy birthday Papa.  I love you Papa Gary for your birthday.   I love you Papa Gary.  I like to read books to you.  I want to play with you all the time when it's your birthday.  Ok that's it!"

Love, Collin 

And from Madelyn's perspective...
How old is Papa?

How old is he?
2... Papa is 2

What color are Papa's eyes?

What kind of present do you want to give to papa?
um, present, uh papa present, ummmm
translation from Collin
I think Madelyn wants her present to be a secret

Dear Papa,
"I want cake!" 
Love, Madelyn

Happy Birthday Papa!!
We all LOVE you "across the moon"!
All our love,
Ryan, Megan, Collin and Madelyn


  1. Oh boy, wait til papa sees this!!! There may be showers outside AND inside on this May 6th!!! Very cute idea Meg :)

  2. How adorable Meg...I know this will be Papa Gary's best present today , and yes it will bring showers inside..xo