Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lessons learned

This morning began as usual with a light breakfast and chitter chatter from our littles.  It wasn't until I went to clean up the table that I realized I couldn't find our Clorox spray.  We use this to clean anything and everything in our house and I just bought a new bottle days ago.  I mean yes we use it like water, but still no way we used an entire bottle in a mere few days...
So I did what I thought best and went straight to the one who may have had a hand in it's disappearance...

"Collin do you know what happened to bleach spray?"

"yes I do"

"uh ok what happened to it?"

"Oh I took the top off of it and poured the whole bottle into that box of wipes"

"Into Madelyn's baby wipes?"

"Yes"  he says with a grin

This is the point at which I have two choices, get irritated or deal with the fact that it's really not that big of deal and a perfect opportunity for a lesson.

I chose the latter...

"Ok well that was a brand new bottle of bleach spray and since you decided to waste the whole thing you are going to have to go get money out of your piggy bank to pay for a new one."

Surprisingly there was no questioning on his part. 
He left the kitchen and minutes later returned with this...

"Here ya go mommy, now we can buy more spray."

And in just a few short moments I think he learned a valuable lesson.  It's not to say that he won't ever be into naughty business again, but hopefully he will remember that we should fix our mistakes, and we are responsible for the choices we make.

And until we make a Target run we are cleaning with bleach logged butt wipes.  :) 

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  1. Oh my, glad he fessed up!! Great lesson learned! :)